Tropical rain in Java


Mount Merapi eruption in Java


Kai Island in Maluku

Understanding and enjoying Indonesia

This site is designed to share the interest of Indonesia in understanding its cultures and its people.

It is also intended to prepare any of you who plan to travel to Indonesia to discover that among rice fields, equatorial forest, near volcanoes live 200 million of Indonesians originated from 336 ethnic groups and influenced by an influx of peoples from China, Arabia, Indochina and Europe. Religions are also diversified, major part of the population is Muslim but Hindus Buddhists and Christians are present in all islands.

If you are ready to join us in this remote Asian country, welcome to this different land which is split in thousands of islands where you will find places you will never forget like Bali, Java, Lombok, Bromo, Sumatra,Tanatoraja, Komodo,. Timor or Flores. 

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